Sacred Tapestry
Sunday, August 02, 2015
A United Methodist Community
 Join Us Sunday Mornings at Sacred Tapestry  
   Service @ 10:45-11:45 AM
Sacred Tapestry UMC 3000 Johnson Ferry Road Suite #106 in the North Johnson Ferry Place Center 770-605-5083
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We at Sacred Tapestry wish invite you to join us on Sunday mornings for brunch and Christian fellowship in  a relaxed and friendly service.  ALL are welcome!
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Upcoming events
Yoga class
Mondays @ 7 pm and Saturdays @ 9 am
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Sacred Tapestry Members... please check out the Calendar (left side of this page) for important information about all the church functions and other informational messages!  Thanks!
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Welcome to the Sacred Tapestry Web Site!  We are a United Methodist Church that welcomes any and all persons who would like to attend our services.  We are a somewhat non-traditional church that has services in an informal environment that many prefer.  You may attend in shorts, jeans, T shirts, etc. and sit at the table and just enjoy the fellowship of Christ.
When you walk in you can avail yourselves of the cool music, hot coffee and delicious brunch items before the service.  Don't be shy!  Please visit us soon!
See our "What to Expect" page for additional information!
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For more information and congregational care
please contact our Assistant Pastor: Nancy L. Kuhn
 Call (770) 891-9624  or e-mail
Senior Pastor: Rev. Dr. Rob Lanford (
                                                       Sacred Tapestry - Marietta, GA              
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